How much does this cost?

The program is completely free for lesson instructors. We (Geronimo Solutions, LLC) work on behalf of the charities to make the entire process easier for them (and a lot easier for you too!).

Who has access to the certificates that we post?

Participating nonprofits (charities) must have both a valid EIN number from the IRS (proving their 501(c) status) and a valid account in our system, so you never have to worry about fraudulent requests. Plus, you can easily set certificates up so that only certain nonprofits will be able to see them. You are in full control!

Who prints the certificate and when?

The actual certificate is only printed when the donation is made by the winning bidder. This way, you know that the event organizer is not using the certificate for his/her own use.

If my bank of certificates runs out, how do I add more?

Sign In and you’ll see a running total of your certificates (your "bank") and a list of nonprofits promoting your destination. It’s easy to manually add certificates to your bank at any time by clicking the “Add some now” button.

How does this work for nonprofits?

The nonprofit auction event organizer creates an account and logs in (at to view available certificates. They "claim" a certificate (maximum of one from your destination), and they print a flyer promoting your destination. The winning bidder receves a secure link (URL) to print the certificate. We'll send you (free) TravelPledge cards (shows charities how to set up their accounts) to hand out to charities. Watch our video to learn more

Can I help an organization that is not an official charity?

Yes. At the request of several instructors, we added a new featured that allows you to print (and track) certificates that are “off the books” and give those out directly to organizations that might not yet have official 501(c) status. Most organizations (even small PTAs) have official status however, so this feature is designed to be used only on rare occasions.

How long will it take to set up?

This exclusive program will make your life a lot easier, promote your business, and increase your lesson revenue. It takes 10 minutes to set up.

How do you prevent a certificate from being used more than once?

Each certificate includes a unique ID number and an expiration date. Simply sign in to mark a certificate as redeemed (this prevents anyone using it again).

How can I contact you directly?

We'd love to hear from you! You may call us directly toll free at (877) 219-0916 or email